Bodog Poker Review and Bonus

When it comes to being one of the most original and being a pioneer in the gambling industry, Bodog is one name that will definitely hit the mark for many individuals. Its popularity is well-spread across the globe for being one of the best sportsbook for decades and when the Bodog Poker Room Site have found its way to the market and was launched on the year 2004, it swept the market in a massive storm. There's little to no doubt that with the impressive array of sportsbook and casino options in this site, it is not an overstatement to say that majority of those who could play in it had huge expectations and fortunately, it would definitely be able to deliver more than what you'd expect. If you want to understand more about what Bodog Poker is all about, you're at the right spot because we will give you insights which could help you come up with a decision of whether to play on this site or not.

Bodog Poker Background

When it comes to reputation and popularity, Bodog Poker is certainly not any less than other companies in the gambling platform. In fact, it can even be said that it stands on par with the best of the league. However, there were a few snitches on its career back when it just started especially when it took a diverse path from others and stayed on the United States Market despite the fact that it had already set up a strict law for gambling. Nowadays, Antigua and its Regulatory Commission is the Government which provided the license for Bodog and they are also the ones regulating their operation. Meaning, you can rest assured that the Bodog would definitely be as fair as you would like it to be and there ought to be no problem you should be worried about. The site is also available in Canada and other areas in the globe but unfortunately, it bars players from the United States.

Player Safety and Security

As mentioned, the fairness and the quality of the software rendered by the site is something that you can guarantee right off the bat just by the licensing they have and the fact that they are being regulated by a reputable commission and government. Of course, they would also live up to their reputation when it comes to security as they have a 24/7, cutting-edge and top-notch security system with exceptional encryption and security technologies guaranteeing that whether it be transacting with the site and playing with other gamblers on the page, your money and information would remain ironclad at all times.

Poker Game Availability

It is only a given that one of the factors that you would take into account when picking a room site to play pokies with, is the variation of the games they offer. Unfortunately, the choices in this particular room site may not be as long as other bigger sites out there as their offers only amount up to three different kinds of pokies. What you'll be able to play on their site though, could still be considered the best poker games in the market so you'll still have fun without a doubt, especially if you particularly like Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo and the famous Texas Hold'em.

Bodog Software

What's outstanding at this site is the fact that it is widely available in various platforms. Not only is it available on MAC and Windows computer, you'd also find it available in mobile versions in both Android and iOS operating system. This is a great boon for many players as this means that you'll be able to revel on the best and most convenient experience you could possibly hope for. Not to mention, the site has impeccable layout and design, allowing it to offer a more seamless experience to players who visit the site topped with easy navigation across its pages.

Banking Options

There's definitely no doubt that Bodog has one of the most abundant banking options in the market, which also boosts the experience and convenience for the players. Not only do they accept transactions with MasterCard and Visa Card along with other bank transfer options, they also accept currency in Bitcoin form. This is extremely innovative and ground-breaking as this would mean that fellows who have their Bitcoin currency would be able to play directly at the site with no need to convert their money in the process.#hThe Network and Bonuses#/h

Bodog is a lot bigger than you may have expected. It's just the original name of the brand but in fact, it has already spread its parts all throughout the globe. Running on the same Pai Wang Luo Network, it would also be like playing at Bodog if US players play at Bovada while Asian players play at Bodog88. This alone makes it extremely evident that the site is one of the biggest players in the market. On top of that, they have generous offers in terms of bonuses, one of which is the new 100% match-up bonus up to $1000.