PokerStars Review and Poker Bonus

Playing Poker is easily one of the card and table games in the industry wherein both luck and skill would play a role in your pursuit to victory. The entry of the online pokies world has made this game much more available through the internet but of course, as this would bring you lucrative advantages, this is with the caveat that you play on a reputable and trustworthy site lest you may end up getting ripped off of your money which is the last thing you'd want to happen. If you want nothing but the best, most lucrative experience playing this game, PokerStars is definitely your place to be.

What is PokerStars?

Anyone who'd been at PokerStars or heard of it already, knows that it is one of the largest site for the game of pokies and it is also one of the most renowned, reputable and trustworthy, all for good reasons. This makes it apparent that it is easily one of the best sites that must definitely be on the top of your list. Before you go and spend your money on the site however, it would always pay off if you take your time learning more about it. Read more information below and get a more thorough understanding at what this site could do.

24/7 Poker Tables

With more players mean that the site is more reputable and this also opens a more wonderful gaming opportunity for numerous people, as you'll have more opponents you could sit down on the table with and bet against. When it comes to number of players, PokerStars is not just the largest by a hair of difference. In fact, even at its lowest traffic time, it is said that it still far exceeds others in its league at their busiest time of the day. This, along with its history of more than a decade, makes it apparent that it has become a go-to site for many lovers of this table game and this is reason enough for you to give this a try.

Player Security

With a larger virtual space, more players than other sites and busy traffic, some may think that the site is more vulnerable than others in the market. Since you'll be doing real-money transactions, it is only right for you to be sceptical but of course, that scepticism you're having would immediately dispelled once you learn that the site employs nothing short of the most cutting-edge technology, security and encryption advancements to protect the transactions and data of the customers and anyone involved in the site. They are licensed and regulated by a renowned commission and having said that, you can also rest assured that the games they provide are fair and would render you with equal winning opportunities.

Poker Bonuses

When choosing a site to play with, there's no doubt that you'll go for the one which would provide you with a more lucrative chance in the process. With more abundant poker bonus, your chance of bringing home a huge pile of money would surely be bolstered to incredible heights. You can definitely expect that PokerStars has one of the most generous offers in terms of Poker bonus in the industry. There's a lucrative match-up bonus of 100% up to $600 as long as you use the STAR600 code along with a $30 bonus you could use as well. Not to mention, with the site being extremely active, you can expect regular updates on promotions that you could exploit during your experience with the site.

Types of Poker Games

Some pokies sites would definitely have a very limited amount of rooms or tables you could play in and of course, this also limits the amount of variants you could choose from. With PokerStars being one of the biggest in the industry, it serves a wide array of the best poker games variants, ranging from Triple Stud, Stud, Razz, Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and even unique variants like H.O.R.S.E, Courcheval and many more. Not to mention, the game also has top-of-the-line software, and this provides it with impeccable compatibility with various operating system from Android, iOS, MAC and Windows.

Customer Support

Of course, the site would also live up to the expectation of the users when it comes to the usefulness of their customer support. Their representatives are highly trained and renders helpful answers to problems with the only drawback lying on the fact that you could only contact them via email and you'd have to wait for their response through there.Tournaments

If there's any other thing that could spice up your stay on a poker site, then it's definitely the amount of competition you could revel on along with prizes. PokerStars would not lack in this department as it has weekly tournaments and even bigger tournaments you would not believe, providing enormous sum of wealth as the jackpot prize of the tournaments wherein you could potentially stand at the top if you have sufficient skills.